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Coalisland Post logo

The Skins TV series ended last Thursday after eight weeks on the air, and the blog was very enjoyable to do. Taking this experience along with my X Factor blogging, I am now finally moving towards a more permanent niche blog project, by creating a hyperlocal site for my home town.

The new website is called the Coalisland Post. It is a hyperlocal space for news and views on the Coalisland area. The aim is to attract young and web-savvy Coalislanders to write for the site, and develop content a bit more opinion-driven than what currently offered by the local weeklies.

It’s now up and running, but it is a work in progress. The website is sure to evolve over time as we (myself and co-founder Catherine Wylie) understand our audience more and get more people on board to contribute.

The obvious difficulty at the minute is the fact that I’m living in Wales, rather than Northern Ireland. Hopefully by establishing links with people, organisations and businesses by phone and email, this won’t be a massive problem.

Have a look at the site and follow its progress over the coming months: