Results Week 3: The Cheryl show rides into town once again, leaving Nadine Coyle in the sticks


Alouette uette uette

The Cheryl Cole PR machine has been busy this weekend. The Sun championed its “world exclusive” interview with the singer on Saturday – on the same day that The Guardian also “exclusively” interviewed her. To top it off, she also gave an “exclusive interview” to Piers Morgan on his Life Stories chit-chat show last night.

“It has been the worst year – the worst in my life ever,” Cheryl told The Sun.

“I thought I was going to die,” she told Piers Morgan when speaking about her malaria scare. Most incredibly of all, she told The Guardian, “From now on, I will never talk about my person life again.” Aye right.

But Cheryl, after your months of silence, what’s with all this opening up? Why now?

What’s that? You have a new song out tomorrow?


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